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News: BBC News: Economy

‘Raise sick pay’ to lower virus health and economic risk
It would manage a "crude" trade-off between lives and jobs as the UK economy reopens, a report says.

US holds off on threatened tariff hike in EU Airbus fight
The US will maintain import duties on $7.5bn worth of items including French cheese and whiskies.

Recession is unprecedented, says Chancellor Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak says it is a "difficult and uncertain time" as the UK suffers its biggest slump on record.

Boris Johnson warns 'long, long way to go' for UK economy
The number of people employed between April and June fell by the most since the financial crisis.

Eat out to help out: More than 10.5m meals claimed in first week
The Treasury has set aside £500m to cover the cost of 'eat out to help out' for restaurants, bars and cafes.

Retail sales rise despite fewer High Street visits
Sales grew again in July, but some retailers are 'hanging by a thread', the industry body says.

Unemployment in the pandemic: 'It's hard to stay positive'
The government's furlough scheme has stopped unemployment surging, but that may be changing.

US jobs growth slows in July as pandemic takes toll
American employers added 1.8 million jobs last month, down from 4.8 million in June.

Bank of England boss Bailey backs end of furlough scheme
UK economy is still set for worst performance in 100 years according to the UK's central bank.

Coronavirus: 'I hated my flat during lockdown'
Estate agents have seen a surge in interest in moving to the country from people living in cities.

New car registrations see first rise this year
Figures for July show an 11.3% post-lockdown increase in new vehicles registered.

TikTok: Trump administration plans Chinese tech crackdown
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants a “clean network” free of "untrusted" apps like TikTok and WeChat.

Lebanon: Why the country is in crisis
What has caused such anger across Lebanon - and why it is not going away.

Coronavirus: Sweden's economy hit less hard by pandemic
After avoiding a Covid-19 lockdown, the country sees its economy shrink less than in other EU nations.

Gold price rises above $2,000 for first time
Precious metal values have been pushed up as investors look for havens amid the coronavirus crisis.

Redundancy advice calls triple as furlough scheme winds down
Conciliation service Acas says thousands more people are calling for redundancy advice.

'Eat out to help out will definitely affect the weekend'
"Eat out to help out" is too complicated and will not mean more customers, says one businessman.

'Coronavirus has delayed my career prospects'
The government can retrain and support people, but are there the jobs to provide employment?

Saudi Hajj coronavirus curbs mean 'no work, no salary, nothing'
Covid-19 has hit the annual Hajj and with no international pilgrims, many firms both in Saudi and abroad are suffering.

What are negative interest rates?
What are negative interest rates, and how could they work in favour of consumers?

What jobs are available post-lockdown?
The world of work is changing thanks to Covid-19 - which sectors are hiring and which are struggling?

'We need a date to restart so we can save our staff'
Exhibitions stands maker Symbiosis says it needs the government to say when the exhibition sector can reopen.

Coronavirus: How much will it cost the UK?
The pandemic will cost the government hundreds of billions of pounds. Where will it all come from?

'Horrible' offices look to tempt back workers
Landlords are hoping cleaner, more convenient and more intelligent offices will tempt back workers.

What is quantitative easing and how will it affect you?
The Bank of England has unveiled new measures to stimulate the economy. How do they work?

Ampthill: The town with one cash machine for 8,000 people
Is Ampthill in Bedfordshire still cash-dependent or ready to become a contactless town?

Coronavirus: How can 'Britain's best market' bounce back from lockdown?
Norwich Market was voted the best of its type in its 2019 industry awards.

Coronavirus: The town facing the greatest economic hit
The town of Newquay, which depends on tourism and hospitality, has been hit hard by the lockdown.

Pardner: The young people saving money the Jamaican way
With finances stretched by Covid-19 these young people are supporting each other to save money.

Bangladesh: Losing my job as a garment factory worker
Sonia is one of thousands of garment workers who have lost their jobs in Bangladesh due to Covid-19.

UK recession: 'We're grappling with something unprecedented'
As the UK falls into recession, Chancellor Rishi Sunak warns there is no "playbook" for coronavirus.

Coronavirus: What is a recession?
The coronavirus pandemic has thrown many countries into recession - but what exactly is it and how could it affect you?

Coronavirus: Does your mask need an upgrade?
Designer Anne Sophie Cochevelou decorates her face coverings with anything from Barbies to Pokemon toys.

Black Lives Matter: Campaign for black businesses has been 'extraordinary'
A campaign to support businesses run by black people has had an "extraordinary effect" on sales.

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