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News: BBC News: Economy

Cost of living: People cut back on food shopping as price rises bite
Retail sales fell 0.5% in May as households cut spending in supermarkets due to the rising cost of living.

The small seaport crucial for Europe's energy future
As neighbour Germany takes a step closer to gas rationing a Polish seaside resort prepares to help.

Inflation pushes UK government interest costs to May record
Interest payments made on government debt hit the highest level on record for May as inflation surged.

Germany takes step closer to gas rationing
The country triggers the "alarm" stage of its emergency gas plan after a drop in Russian supplies.

President Biden urges petrol tax 'holiday' as fuel prices bite
Analysts say suspending the tax would do little to lower costs for people at the pump.

UK inflation rises at fastest rate for 40 years as food costs jump
Food, energy and fuel price rises help drive inflation up in May at its fastest pace since 1982.

Asda says some shoppers asking cashiers to stop at £30
Rising food prices are sparking a "massive change in behaviour", the supermarket's chairman tells the BBC.

Italy's Eni says Russian gas supply cut by half
Energy firm Eni says it will only receive half the gas requested from Russia after two days of shortfalls.

WTO agrees deals on Covid vaccines and overfishing
The World Trade Organization announces a raft of agreements after five days of negotiations.

Yen falls as Bank of Japan bucks rate rise trend
The decision to keep rates on hold comes as central banks around the world raise borrowing costs.

Global stock markets fall as economy fears grow
The Dow Jones share index closed below 30,000 at its lowest level in more than a year.

UK interest rates raised to 1.25% by Bank of England
The Bank of England increases rates to 1.25% and forecasts inflation could surpass 11% this year.

Gazprom: Russian gas boss says 'our product, our rules' in supply row
It comes after energy firms in Germany, Italy and Austria report big falls in Russian gas supply.

Warning food prices to rise quickly over summer
There will be a spike in food prices this summer, the Institute of Grocery Distribution predicts.

US makes biggest interest rate rise in almost 30 years
The US central bank raises rates by 0.75 percentage points as it scrambles to contain soaring prices.

Eight million Australians urged to turn off lights
Australia's energy minister urges households to use less electricity in the face of a power crisis.

Gazprom: Germany accuses Russian gas giant of pushing energy prices up
Russian giant Gazprom says it will cut the amount of gas it sends to Germany by more than half.

Weak pound puts the squeeze on holiday spending
Sterling has been sliding against the dollar and euro making overseas travel budgets tighter.

Rising prices see basic pay fall at fastest rate in a decade
Pay excluding bonuses is failing to keep up with the rising cost of living, official statistics show.

How Aussie farmers are hoping to win over tequila fans
Two Australia farmers are aiming rival Mexican tequila and mezcal with a similar delicious spirit.

How human-like are the most sophisticated chatbots?
As a Google engineer says his firm's top chatbot has feelings, just how lifelike is the technology?

'It is all about raising the profile of carers'
The UK economy cannot afford to have more of its 10.5m army of carers quit the workforce for good.

The meat and dairy farmers who are going vegan
Due to animal welfare and environment concerns, some farms are converting to vegan production.

The radio station giving indigenous people a voice
A new station in Panama allows marginalised groups to speak out about their lives and communities.

Could you quit your job to become a full-time activist?
A small but growing number of people are quitting their day jobs to focus solely on their activism.

Do you want to find out how much your colleagues earn?
Driven by demand from their staff a growing number of companies are introducing transparency on pay.

'I look for jobs every day but don't have the training'
Can France's next leader do more to tackle soaring unemployment and a lack of skilled workers?

Are paper football programmes on their way out?
As a number of clubs stop printing programmes, some say their future is in doubt.

Are we entering a 'golden age' for trade unions?
The pandemic has led to an increase in the number of people joining a union to get support at work.

My Job: 'Covid has made it impossible to switch off'
Ed Kendall qualified as a social worker in 2019 and has started a role focusing on safeguarding.

'Young people may have 10-plus careers in their lifetime'
A charity competition is encouraging school kids to get entrepreneurial and make their own products.

The bosses helping staff pay their soaring energy bills
With the cost of electricity and gas set to rise further, some firms are giving workers a pay rise.

Could you pledge not to fly on a plane for a whole year?
The growing number of people ditching air travel entirely or choosing to carbon-offset.

The appetite for protein bars gives much to chew on
Why are people trying to eat more protein and do protein bars live up to the healthy hype?

Rail strike: Government is making strike negotiations worse - RMT boss
Rail union boss Mick Lynch says that a deal with rail companies could have been made by now.

Ros Atkins on… Why rail strikes are happening
Ros Atkins examines why a dispute between the RMT union and employers has led to strike action.

Rail dispute has been manufactured by Shapps - RMT
RMT general-secretary Mick Lynch admits "the whole country is suffering."

Grant Shapps: Train strikes are 'full responsibility of the unions'
The Transport Secretary tells the Commons that the public ''will not be hoodwinked'' by the unions.

Love Island stylist gives sneak peek inside the wardrobe
For the first time, ITV's Love Island contestants will be dressed in pre-owned clothes.

Cost of living crisis: Sheerness cafe owner sleeps on shop floor to save money
Steve Jackson skips meals to help pay the rent on his vintage tea shop in Sheerness High Street.

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