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News: BBC News: Economy

Mortgage rates: 'If we can't afford higher payments, we lose our home'
Some economists predict the Bank of England will raise the interest rate to as much as 5.8% by next spring.

Bank of England economist hints at 'significant' rate rise
The central bank's chief economist signalled in a speech it could not be 'indifferent' over the pound's slump.

Irish budget: Finance minister unveils tax 'giveaways'
Paschal Donohoe says he is in a position to do so because the country has a large budget surplus.

Bank will 'not hesitate' to raise interest rates after pound's fall
The Bank of England said it was "monitoring developments closely" after the pound hit a record low.

Pound hits record low after tax cut plans
Sterling sinks close to $1.03 as global markets react to the UK's biggest tax cuts in 50 years.

Kwasi Kwarteng: I want to keep cutting taxes
Tax cuts will help to boost growth, says chancellor, as government also looks at relaxing immigration.

UK may already be in recession - Bank of England
The warning comes as the Bank raises interest rates to 2.25% - the highest level for 14 years.

Sri Lanka: Inflation rate jumps to 70.2% in August
The South Asian nation is facing its worst economic crisis since independence from the UK in 1948.

Fed rate hike: US interest rates hit 14-year high in inflation battle
The US unveils another sharp rate rise as it fights to bring soaring prices under control.

Tax cut 'gamble' will make debt unsustainable, says IFS
The Institute for Fiscal Studies says UK borrowing is on an "unsustainable" path.

Business energy prices to be cut by half expected levels
UK government to cap gas and electricity costs for businesses, charities and public sector from October.

Liz Truss defends plan to lift cap on bankers’ bonuses
The prime minister tells the BBC lifting a cap on bonuses is part of a plan to increase growth.

Treasury refuses to publish UK economic forecast
The UK's independent forecaster has provided an updated outlook for the economy, the BBC understands.

Will Liz Truss's economic plans make us richer?
As her chancellor prepares to announce a mini-Budget, the PM has pledged tax cuts to boost growth.

Pound hits new 37-year low as retail sales slide
Weaker-than-expected sales figures send sterling lower as fears grow for the strength of the economy.

Germany takes control of stakes in Rosneft oil refineries
The country takes temporary control of Rosneft subsidiaries in a move to bolster energy security.

Tax-cutting mini Budget on Friday next week
Questions had been raised over when the "fiscal event" would take place after the death of the Queen.

Ukraine war: EU moves to cut peak electricity use by 5%
EU chief Ursula von der Leyen also calls for windfall taxes on energy companies in a keynote speech.

US markets sink on unexpectedly high inflation
US financial markets were hit by the steepest declines since 2020 as costs of food and housing rose.

The public relations and ad firms refusing fossil fuel clients
Climate change concerns have prompted a change of strategy for 295 firms.

The allotment firms helping to trim long waiting lists
As people have to wait years to get a council allotment, private firms are offering an alternative.

Sandwich shops bite back after challenging years
Sandwich sellers are seeing customer numbers return, but hybrid working means some remain quiet.

How Aussie farmers are hoping to win over tequila fans
Two Australia farmers are aiming rival Mexican tequila and mezcal with a similar delicious spirit.

How human-like are the most sophisticated chatbots?
As a Google engineer says his firm's top chatbot has feelings, just how lifelike is the technology?

'It is all about raising the profile of carers'
The UK economy cannot afford to have more of its 10.5m army of carers quit the workforce for good.

The meat and dairy farmers who are going vegan
Due to animal welfare and environment concerns, some farms are converting to vegan production.

The radio station giving indigenous people a voice
A new station in Panama allows marginalised groups to speak out about their lives and communities.

Could you quit your job to become a full-time activist?
A small but growing number of people are quitting their day jobs to focus solely on their activism.

'I look for jobs every day but don't have the training'
Can France's next leader do more to tackle soaring unemployment and a lack of skilled workers?

Do you want to find out how much your colleagues earn?
Driven by demand from their staff a growing number of companies are introducing transparency on pay.

Energy crisis: £2,500 price cap for typical households - Truss
A typical household will pay no more than £2,500 a year in energy bills for the next two years.

Restaurants will just close until spring - Tom Kerridge
Chef Tom Kerridge says many hospitality businesses are considering "mothballing" through the winter because of energy costs.

'I turned my front room into a full-time bakery'
Ben Gray explains why he turned his home into a bakery in lockdown.

Martin Lewis 'begging, praying' for more energy bills help
Consumer expert Lewis says a lack of government support is causing a "mental health catastrophe".

CEO Secrets: Mopping the floor and a lesson in feedback
Steve Vamos of accounting software firm Xero shares his business advice for the CEO Secrets series.

Cost of living: 'A lot of people have nowhere to turn'
Inflation could rise to 13% and the cost of living is putting a squeeze on finances, so how are people feeling?

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