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News: BBC News: Economy

Coronavirus: Leading economist warns of 10 years of depression and debt
Economist Nouriel Roubini - "Dr Doom" - has warned of a prolonged downturn and sluggish recovery.

UK borrowing at record high as virus cost soars in April
The government borrowed £62bn in April - the highest monthly figure since records began.

Coronavirus: Retail sales crash in April as lockdown hits shops
British clothing sales plummeted by 50.2% last month as many High Street stores were closed.

How will we pay for the coronavirus damage?
Coronavirus has cost the UK government hundreds of billions of pounds. How will we pay for it?

China scraps annual economic growth target for first time
The world's second largest economy takes unprecedented step not to give forecast for the year ahead.

Coronavirus: Job adverts increase in rural areas despite Covid-19
Roofers and security guards are among professions with increased demand, one study suggests.

Coronavirus: US workers seeking jobless aid near 40 million
Almost a quarter of the US workforce has filed for unemployment since mid-March.

US Senate passes bill that could delist some Chinese firms
The moves comes as tensions rise between Washington and Beijing over the coronavirus pandemic.

Toy and vegetable costs rise as fuel price drops
April's inflation tumbles to 0.8%, but the price of vegetables, toys and knitting wool rise amid lockdown.

Coronavirus: World Bank warns 60m at risk of 'extreme poverty'
The financial impact of the coronavirus is hitting poor nations hard and destroying millions of livelihoods.

Mirrors and garden shears prices set to fall in Brexit tariff plan
The government said it has removed import levies on items worth more than £30bn.

Coronavirus: Extra bank holiday for October being considered
The tourist industry says another public holiday would help offset losses caused by the lockdown.

Coronavirus: No guarantee of quick economic bounceback, warns Sunak
Chancellor Sunak says a swift UK economic recovery is "not obvious", as jobless claims soar in April.

Coronavirus: Universal credit claims hit monthly record
The number of claims has jumped to six times more than a year earlier as incomes are hit.

Coronavirus: Young people 'most likely to lose work' in lockdown
One in three young workers is earning less than before the coronavirus outbreak, a report suggests.

Oil on stormy market waters

Coronavirus: Self-employed grant claims top two million
The government coronavirus help scheme has received grant requests worth £6bn, the chancellor says.

Theo Paphitis: ‘Retail will never, ever be the same again’
Entrepreneur and ex-Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis talks to the BBC about how coronavirus has hit retail.

Oil collapse: 'Right now everything I have is shut down'
After years of boom, is the US oil industry now going bust?

Seven charts on the coronavirus jobs market
How the coronavirus pandemic is hitting the UK jobs market and how that compares globally.

Coronavirus: Migrants struggle to send money home
The Covid-19 pandemic is limiting the ability of people to send and receive money around the world.

Coronavirus: Six industries crying out for help
With the UK economy in crisis, many sectors are still demanding further help from the government.

How do you work out what something is worth?
Auctions have been around for centuries, but underpin the success of many internet giants today.

New York: The city that never sleeps on lockdown
The streets of America's largest city, New York, are empty as business grinds to a halt.

Sinn Fein surge puts Irish economy in the spotlight
As the Irish parliament convenes to try to choose its new leader, concerns about inequality linger.

How technology is aiding Malawi's music industry
Technology is making it easier for music artists in Malawi to create and release work to audiences.

Brexit: Is fishing the next big argument in the talks?
Fishing looks like being the first big argument of the UK's trade negotiations with the EU.

What is a 'Canada-style' trade deal?
Could the Canada-EU trade deal be a model for the UK's relationship with the EU after Brexit?

Zuckerberg: Facebook to 'take down' coronavirus misinformation
Mark Zuckerberg explains how the social network is responding to the Covid-19 crisis.

Ryanair: Air passenger quarantine plans 'idiotic'
CEO Michael O'Leary tells BBC Radio 5 Live that measures to contain coronavirus have too many exemptions to be effective.

Coronavirus: 'Lockdown is opportunity of a lifetime for bike lanes'
Gil Penalosa of urban reform group 8 80 Cities says lockdown is the right time to make cities more bike-friendly.

Coronavirus: Robert Jenrick defends government decision to reopen housing market
Robert Jenrick said he understood why it may seem "confusing" to allow viewings but not see family.

Coronavirus: Surrogate babies stranded in Ukraine
Babies born to surrogate mothers are stuck in Ukraine due to coronavirus lockdown measures.

Abba’s Björn Ulvaeus fears for future of West End theatres
Abba’s Björn Ulvaeus, co-writer of musical Mamma Mia!, says he fears for the future of the West End.

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