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Dr. T's EconLinks.com: Economics Glossary (Economics Glossary)

Dr. T's EconLinks.com: Web Libraries (Web Libraries)

Dr. T's EconLinks.com: Reference Desk (Reference Desk)

Course tutorials

General sources

Internet Economist - START (An online tutorial in finding and evaluating economics internet resources)

Introduction to Graphs (Introduction to graphs for econ students)

Online Glossary of Research Economics, provided by Peter B. Meyer.

AmosWEB: ECONOMIC GLOSS*arama (AmosWEB is the home of Mister ECONOMY, A Pedestrian's GUIDE to the ECONOMY, and the ECONOMIC GLOSS*arama.)

Accounting, Business Studies and Economics dictionary (On line dictionary of over 3000 accounting, business studies and economics terms defined, maintained by Gary Hadler @ ITS Tutorial School Hong Kong)

Economics LTSN: On-Line Teaching Material (Index) (A catalogue of online teaching material relevant to academic learning of economics)

MyEconLab Get Ahead of The Curve (MyEconLab is an online, Pearson Education text-specific, customizable suite of tools that saves you time and helps students come to class better prepared.)

ECON100.COM (An international web site for students of economics)

Tutor2u.net (Study portal for economics, business studies and politics; UK focus)

The Economics Net-TextBook With Interactive Graphics (Ted Black's online tutorials simulating micro and macro principles and international economic theories using interactive net-graphics)

Economics Interactive-Ralph Byrns (Test bank)

EconNews Online -- South-Western College Publishing (News online)

EconDebate Online -- Southwestern College Publishing (Policy debates online)

EconData Online -- Southwestern College Publishing (Data online)

EconEdLink: Index (Explore the connections between economics and real-world issues)

Economics Internet Library provides free macroeconomics and microeconomics notes.

TutorGig (The Tutorial Website search results for economics)


Problems in Microeconomics (Exercises in introductory and intermediate microeconomics, maintained by Byron W. Brown)

Economics Interactive Tutorials List (Interactive tutorials on basic microeconomics concepts, authored and maintained by Sam Baker @ the University of South Carolina)

Tutorial on the theory of the firm and industry equilibrium (Tutorial on the theory of the firm and industry equilibrium, by Martin J. Osborne @ the University of Toronto)

Production and Utility Functions by Using Mathcad (3D graphs of production and utility functions, by Fanis Tsoulouhas @ North Carolina State University)


FRBSF: Ask Dr. Econ (Ask an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)

Eurmacro - Intermediate Macroeconomic Resources (Interactive macroeconomic models, tutorials, animations, data sets, online quizzes and dictionaries, provided by FGN-HSG @ the University of St. Gallen)

FED101 (An interactive economic education website, provided by the Federal Reserve System)

What's a Dollar Worth? CPI Calculation Machine (Neat calculator to show the impact of inflation)

The Inflation Calculator (Calculator that adjusts any given amount of money for inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 1999)

CCER National Budget Simulation (The National Budget Simulation is a project of UC-Berkeley's Center for Community Economic Research and was created by Nathan Newman and Anders Schneiderman)

U.S. National Debt Clock (The outstanding public debt, maintained by Ed Hall)


Ken White's Coin Flipping Page (Ken White's coin flipping page)

International Economics

The International Economics Study Center (International economics study center, maintained by Steven M. Suranovic)

Business Management

The MBA Page (Resources for MBA students, developed by Roman Khlupin @ Ohio State University)

Business Analysis Made Easy (Tutorials and calculators on business subjects including finance, decision making and business statistics)


Student Resources (Student resources from the Dallas Fed)

SMG 2000 (A simulation of Wall Street trading designed to help students understand the stock market, provided by the Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education)

Virtual Stock Exchange - Stock Market Game and Message Boards (Stock market simulation)

Academic Investment Challenge (Realistic stock market simulation for students. Students from across the continent are given a fictional $100,000 to invest in equities and options traded on all North American exchanges.)

Economic Theory

Tutorial Resources (Chris Wallace's tutorials in micro, macro, math and economic theory @ Trinity College, Oxford)

Prisoners' Dilemma (The prisonerís dilemma, provided by Serendip @ Bryn Mawr)

Cooperative Learning Game (A cooperative learning game, created by David K. Levine @ UCLA)


Mathematical Methods for Economic Theory (Tutorial on basic mathematical tools used in economic theory, by Martin J. Osborne @ the University of Toronto)

Static and Dynamic Optimization Models in Agriculture (Charles B. Moss' advanced course is intended to give the students a background in classical optimization models with emphasis on mathematical programming and practical applications, and to introduce the students to dynamic optimization)

IRA Interactive Real Analysis (An online, interactive textbook for Real Analysis or Advanced Calculus in one real variable. It deals with sets, sequences, series, continuity, differentiability, integrability (Riemann and Lebesgue), topology and more.)


Economics (Readings in economics)


Economic Indicators

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