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Blog picks

Newmark's Door (Includes economics commentary, maintained by Craig Newmark)

The Capital Spectator (Economics and finance commentary, maintained by James Picerno)

The Prudent Investor (Five billion people in the developing countries will demand their fair share of the world's resources)

John Lott's Website (Freedomnomics)

Blog directories and rankings

Seeking Alpha - The Economics Blogs Resource Page

26econ.com » Economics Blog Directory & Ranking

The Palgrave Econolog - Zeitgeist

About.com: Top 10 Economics Blogs You're Not Visiting (But Should Be)

RFE (Blogs, commentaries, and podcasts)

Aaron Schiff's website » Economics Blogs Ranking

AcademicBlogs - Economics


The Baseline Scenario (Financial crisis blog)

Greg Mankiw's Blog (Random observations for students of economics, by Greg Mankiw)

The Environmental Economics Blog (Dedicated to the dissemination of economists’ views on current environmental and natural resource issues)

RGE Monitor (Roubini Global Economics)

Economics Roundtable (Daily headlines from economics blogs, maintained by Bill Parke @ UNC Chapel Hill)

Semi-Daily Journal (Brad DeLong's blog)

Paul Krugman - Op-Ed Columnist - New York Times Blog

The Becker-Posner Blog (A blog by Gary Becker and Richard Posner)

EconLog Library of Economics and Liberty (EconLog is provided by the Library of Economics and Liberty, and is edited by Arnold Kling)

Economic Principals (An independent commentary on the production and distribution of economic ideas)

Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog

Marginal Revolution (Ecomnomics blog, maintained by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok)

The Big Picture (Macro perspective on the capital markets)

Economist's View (Mark Thoma's blog)

Economics One (John B. Taylor's blog)

Beat The Press | The American Prospect (Dean Baker's commentary on economic reporting)

TheMoneyIllusion (Scott Summer's slightly off-center perspective on monetary problems)

Cafe Hayek (Russ Roberts' blog)

Megan McArdle (Assymetrical information)

Mises Economics Blog (Austrian economics and libertarian political theory)

SeekingAlpha (Stock picks and stock market investing)

Calculated Risk (Bill McBride's blog)

Blaahg (Economics, History, Politics, and Random Thoughts)

The Econ Review (The Econ Review features a historical perspective on economics news and opinions with daily updates, maintained by Bill Parke @ UNC, Chapel Hill)

Globalisation and the Environment (News, research and discussion on economic aspects of the globalisation and environment debate, maintained by Rob Elliott and Matt Cole @ the University of Birmingham, UK)

Institutional Economics Home Page (Stephen Kirchner's blog)

26econ.com Online Economics (Economics blog, maintained by Aaron Schiff)

Winterspeak (Zimran Ahmed's blog)

EconoSpeak (Max B. Sawicky's blog)

True Cost - Analysis on economics, government policy, and society (Praveen Ghanta maintains a blog dedicated to analyzing current affairs through the lens of cost benefit analysis)

Ed Dolan's Econ Blog (Each posting discusses current economic news and provides free downloadable PowerPoint slides with discussion and graphs for use in lectures or as independent readings)


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