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State of the Economy

Gross Domestic Product

Consumer Price Index

Producer Price Index

Unemployment Rate


Yield Curve
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Dr. T's EconLinks.com: Economic Indicators at a Glance (Dr. T's links to economic indicators)

State of the economy

Washingtonpost.com U.S. Economy (State of the US economy, provided by Washingtonpost.com)

CNNmoney News Economy (Economy news, provided by CNN and Money magazine)

Yahoo! News Full Coverage - Business - U.S. Economy (Economy news, provided by Yahoo)

Forbes.com Economy (Economy news, provided by Forbes)

FRB: Beige Book (Summary of commentary on current economic conditions by US Federal Reserve district, provided by the Federal Reserve Board. Also check the FRB Federal Open Market Committee page for the FOMC meeting calendar, statements and minutes.)

FedViews (Views on the status of the economy, including GDP, employment, investment, inflation, wages, interest rates and earnings, provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)

State of the Nation (State of the US nation, provided by STAT-USA)

ECRI - Economic Cycle Research Institute Worldwide (ECRI focuses on cyclical research using techniques devised by Geoffrey H. Moore. ECRI has an impressive record of successfully forecasting turning points in growth and inflation in the US and abroad.)

FRED® - Economic Research US data, including daily interest rates, monetary and business indicators, exchange rates, balance of payments and regional economic data, provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

United States Economy (Interest rate data, provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)

Economic-Indicators.Com Site Map (Web sites for tracking the US economy and technical information on economic indicators)

Economy at a Glance Menu (US economy at a glance - regional, state and metropolitan data, provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Fedstats: One Stop Shopping for Federal Statistics (US Federal Statistics)

US DOL - News Room (US Department of Labor's press releases)

The Economic Report of the President (Economic Report of the US President)

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Home page of the US Federal Reserve Board)

Bureau of Labor Statistics (Bureau of Labor Statistics data)

NIPA VISUALIZATION PAGE (National income and product accounts visualization page, provided by BEA)

The Public Debt (The Public Debt home page)

FXstreet.com The Forex Market provides real-time exchange rates and charts and latest foreign exchange news.

Foreign currencies and currency Exchange Rates history graphs (Currencies and convertion calculator for exchange rates)

Resources (Links to data resources, provided by The Ultimate Field Guide to the U.S. Economy)

EconEdLink: Datalinks (Basic US statistics, provided by EconEdLink, a program of the National Council on Economic Education)

Harcourt Economics (Dated US Statistics provided by Harcourt College Publishers)


Economic Indicators

Metropolitan Area Personal Income
(Click the graph to enlarge it)
Check BLS,BEA,Census
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