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Dr. T's EconLinks.com: Faculty Salary Data (Dr. T's links to pages that provide salary data)

Job openings (labor demand)

Job Openings for Economists (Job Openings for Economists (JOE), provided by the American Economic Association)

AACSB International (Worldwide jobs in management education, provided by AACSB)

AAEA Employment Service: Positions Available (American Agricultural Economics Association Employment Service)

ERN Placement Forum (Economics Research Network's job openings)

FEN Placement Forum (Financial Economics Network's job openings)

Econ-Jobs.com (Jobs for Economists, Statisticians and Finance Professionals)

Economist jobs, Econometrician and Statistician jobs at TheSupplyCurve.com

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Career Network (Jobs and employment information for administrators and faculty, from The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Walras.org (A free job market resource for PhDs in economics and related fields)

Job Openings (Search for job openings worldwide)

HigherEdJobs.com (Thousands of faculty and staff positions at hundreds of colleges and universities)

TedJob.com was designed to meet the unique recruitment requirements for universities, colleges and other academic organizations.

CareerJournal.com (The premier executive career site from The Wall Street Journal)

Jobs In Canada (Directory Of employment agencies, job banks, career resources and resume postings in Canada)

Job Market for Economists, provided by the Europen Economic Association

Jobs.ac.uk - job search - science, research & academic vacancies in the UK and abroad

Economics Jobs United Kingdom - Job Search - Job Opportunities - Economics Vacancies United Kingdom

Welcome to jobpostings.net (Jobpostings.net helps students find jobs, and companies recruit students)

QM&RBC Jobs (Job market links from the quantitative macroeconomics and real business cycle home page, maintained by Christian Zimmermann @ the University of Connecticut)

Job candidates (labor supply)

Econ Job Market (EconJobMarket.org seeks to reduce the costs of information flow in the economics job market by providing a secure central repository for the files of job-market candidates)

Signaling for Interviews in the Economics Job Market (The American Economic Association has introduced a mechanism through which applicants can signal their interest in receiving an interview at the January meetings)

Job Market Candidates (The National Bureau of Economic Research provides links to university web pages that list their Ph.D. candidates in economics)

Market clearing

Dr. T's EconLinks.com: Faculty Salary Data (Dr. T's links to pages that provide salary data)

Econjobmarket (Economics Job Market Wiki)

Economics Job Market Rumors - Economics Job Market Threads

Job Scramble ("Job Market Scramble" web site to facilitate communication between employers and job seekers in late spring, provided by the American Economic Association)

Job market information

Harvard Econ Department - Job Market Information

Stanford Econ Department - Placement Guide

Job Market Information Packet (Job market information packet, provided by the University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Memoirs of a Job Market Candidate, by Hisham S. Foad

A Guide (and Advice) for Economists on the U. S. Junior Academic Job Market (A comprehensive guide to the U. S. junior academic job market for economists; includes information on the deadlines involved, departmental rankings, and recent salaries offered, as well as advice on how to conduct a job search)

Survey of the Labor Market for New Ph.D.s in Economics (Survey of the labor market for new Ph.D.s in economics, provided by the Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) in the Sam M. Walton College of Business Administration @ the University of Arkansas)


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