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AEAweb Home Page (AEAweb - information for economists provided by the American Economic Association)

RFE: Title Page (RFE - Resources for Economists on the Internet, edited by Bill Goffe)

WebEc - WWW Resources in Economics (WebEc - Web resources in economics, maintained by Lauri Saarinen)

NetEc homepage (NetEc - an international academic effort to improve communication via electronic media, maintained by Thomas Krichel)

Internet resources for economists (Links to econ sites, maintained by John Kane @ Oswego State)

Inomics: Welcome (Inomics - job openings for economists, conference announcements and a search engine for economic information)

Google Web Directory - Science > Social Sciences > Economics > Directories (Economics index provided by Google)

Yahoo! Directory Social Science Economics (Economics index provided by Yahoo!)

Academic Info: Economics (Academic links)

National Council on Economic Education (Web links provided by the National Council on Economic Education)

Social Science Information Gateway - SOSIG (SOSIG can help you locate high quality sites on the internet, which are relevant to social science education and research)

Economics at About.Com is an economics portal.

EconSources! (Your one-stop portal for economic information on the web. Economic data from the source agencies.)

Eco5.com (Research portal for finance and economics, provided by the students of the European Business School in co-operation with the Fraunhofer Institute)

EconExpress (EconExpress points to top econ websites)

Krislyn's Strictly Business Sites - Favorite Economics Sites (Krislyn's Strictly Business Sites - Favorite Economics Sites)


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