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WebEc - The List of Economics Journals (Links to econ journals, provided by Lauri Saarinen)

AEAweb: EconLit: Journals (Links to journals indexed in EconLit, provided by the American Economic Association)

Economic journals on the web (List of journals, maintained by John Kane @ Oswego State)

Subject Browse: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS (Global resource for information about print and electronic publications, provided by PubList.com)

AEAweb: EconLit (EconLit is the American Economic Association's electronic bibliography of economic literature)

AEAweb: EconLit: Subject Descriptors (EconLit subject descriptors (i.e., JEL classification numbers))

AEAweb: JEL: Journal Abbreviation List (EconLit journal abbreviations)

Welcome -- Web of Science (Citation databases)

Electronic journals

Bepress.com (The Berkeley Electronic Press Journals in Economics, Business and Marketing)

Economics Bulletin (The Economics Bulletin is a completely electronic, peer-reviewed letters journal. It publishes refereed notes, comments and preliminary results, as well as research and conference announcements)

Theoretical Economics (Theoretical Economics publishes research in all areas of economic theory. The full content of the journal is freely accessible online without payment or password.)

Economics (Open access, open assessment e-journal)

BSP : The Open Economics Journal (The Open Economics Journal is an open access online journal which publishes original research articles, reviews and short articles in all areas on the science of economics and its applications, including economic theory and policy)

RFE Innovative On-Line Journals and Publishers (New journals and publishers that use the internet in innovative ways)

Paper search

Largest Online Library (Questia is the world's largest online library! Choose from thousands of popular research topics with librarian-selected books and journal articles.)

Welcome to JSTOR (An archive of important scholarly journal literature)

ProQuest Information and Learning ProQuest - access to thousands of current full-text periodicals

Ingenta (Ingenta gives you access to a vast number of publications)

ESBCO Online Information (Online access to journals)

OCLC Reference Services / OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online (Online journal access)

Search only in Economics Business and Management

Scirus (Scientific information search engine, developed by Elsevier Science)

ScienceDirect - Home (Search for papers published in Elsevier Science journals)

Blackwell Synergy list of journals

e-Publications from AEAweb

UMI: Academic and Public Library Division (Online access to dissertations)

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) Home Page (Abstract database containing abstracts on working and forthcoming papers, and an electronic paper collection containing downloadable full text documents)

RePEc (Research papers in economics, maintained by Kit Baum and Christian Zimmermann)

IDEAS (Working papers in economics, maintained by Christian Zimmermann)

EconPapers (Working papers in economics, maintained by Sune Karlsson)

NEP New Economics Papers (NEP is an announcement service which filters information on new additions to RePEc into edited reports)

Fed-In-Print Economics from the Federal Reserve (Fed in Print is an index to Federal Reserve economic research)

NBER Working Papers Access (NBER Working Papers Access)

Subscribe to the NBER Working Paper Bulletin (This weekly e-mail bulletin lists the titles and authors of the latest NBER Working Papers and chapters in forthcoming NBER books, as soon as they become available)

Economic working papers and bibliographies on the net (List of web sites that provide access to working papers, compiled by John Kane @ Oswego State)

SmartEconomist.com (Archive of working paper reviews)

EcRep - Repository of Economics (This site categorizes free information in economics on the WWW. Here you can find a useful collection of papers and articles and a list of publications of books of interest to reaserchers and students.)

RFE: Bibliographical Databases and Information (List of bibliographical databases, provided by Resources for Economists on the Internet and edited by Bill Goffe)

RFE: Working Paper and Publication Notification Services (List of working paper and publication notification services, provided by Resources for Economists on the Internet and edited by Bill Goffe)

Research organizations and institutes

RFE: Academic Research Organizations and Institutes (List of academic research organizations and institutes, provided by Resources for Economists on the Internet and edited by Bill Goffe)

RFE: Non-Academic Research and Policy Organizations (List of non-academic research and policy organizations, provided by Resources for Economists on the Internet and edited by Bill Goffe)

Economic institutes and research organizations on the web (List of economic institutes and research organizations, compiled by John Kane @ Oswego State)

Research/social networks

Economics Social Network (A social network for economists in the academia and the business world)

AnalyticBridge (A social network for econometricians)

The Coalition Theory Network (The Coalition Theory Network)

Tournaments, Contests and Relative Performance Evaluation (A directory and an e-mail list of scholars working on tournaments, contests or relative performance evaluation)

New researcher resources

How to Publish (A note on how to publish in top journals, provided by Kwan Choi @ Iowa State University)

Peter B. Meyer's Economic Glossary (Online glossary of research economics)

OnLine English academic editing (A complete editing (English correction and improvement) service for academic, research and other professional communities)


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