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Dr. T's EconLinks.com: Course Pages (Dr. T's links to course pages with information that can be useful to other instructors and students)

Dr. T's EconLinks.com: Course Tutorials (Dr. T's links to course tutorials)

Dr. T's EconLinks.com: Textbook Publishers (Dr. T's links to textbook publishers)

Dr. T's EconLinks.com: Online Texts (Dr. T's links to online texts)

Teaching resources

Economics (Readings in Economics)

NSNS Syllabits - Resources for Business Instruction (Course syllabi)

PHLIP/CW Millennium (Prentice Hall's Learning on the Internet (including online study guides))

MyEconLab Get Ahead of The Curve (MyEconLab is an online, Pearson Education text-specific, customizable suite of tools that saves you time and helps students come to class better prepared.)

EconNews Online -- South-Western College Publishing (News online)

EconDebate Online -- Southwestern College Publishing (Policy Debates online)

EconData Online -- Southwestern College Publishing (Data online)

Economics Interactive - Ralph Byrns (A wealth of teaching resources for economics teachers)

EconEdLink: Index (Explore the connections between economics and real-world issues)

Dallas Fed: Teacher Resources (Teacher resources from the Dallas Fed)

New England Economic Adventure (EconomicAdventure.org is created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston for teachers, students and the public in order to promote understanding of key economic concepts)

The Teaching Economist (A semi-annual newsletter provided by the South-Western College Publishing)

Economics LTSN: On-Line Teaching Material (Index) (A catalogue of online teaching material relevant to academic learning of economics)

WebEc - Education and Teaching (Links to and descriptions of resources related to Economics Education and Teaching, maintained by Lauri Saarinen)

Economic Education Web: EcEdWeb (Support for economic education and teaching at all levels, provided by the University of Nebraska @ Omaha)

Teaching Economics (Resources for high school economics teachers, maintained by a high school economics teacher)

RFE: Teaching Resources (Links to teaching resources, provided by Resources for Economists on the Internet and edited by Bill Goffe)

Internet Economist - START (An online tutorial in finding and evaluating economics internet resources)

Using the Internet in Economics Lessons (Examples of using the internet to teach economics, provided by the University of Nebraska @ Omaha)

WebCT.com (WebCT provides easy to use Internet tools to create on-line courses. Also see Prentice Hall's WebCT)

Blackboard.com (Teach online, take distance-learning courses, and utilize 239 discipline-specific resource centers and customize them to match your own classes)

XanEdu.com - The Ultimate Learning Destination (A multi-disciplinary destination web site, offering both courseware content and tools for creating customized course materials)

Games Economists Play: Jurgen Brauer and Greg Delemeester (A resource for instructors who would like to use non-computerized economic experiments (games) in their classrooms. The purpose of the games is to help teach fundamental micro and macroeconomic concepts. )

Iowa Electronic Markets (Iowa Electronic Markets are real-money futures markets in which contract payoffs depend on economic and political events such as elections. These markets are operated by faculty at the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business as part of their research and teaching mission.)

FederalReserveEducation.org (One-stop site for Federal Reserve education resources)

The World Game of Economics (Educational software that simulates the economic performance and policies of countries in the global economy)

EconPort is a collection of microeconomics education material including a handbook of economic and game-theoretic instructional text that is integrated with active online resources, such as software for running experiments.

Welcome to the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE is a nonprofit organization providing several different economic education programs to educators and to young people selected for their leadership potential)

EDIRC: Economic Education (Index of institutions (academic, governmental and non-profit) in economic education, maintained by Christian Zimmermann @ the University of Connecticut)

Ed Dolan's Econ Blog (A resource for teachers of economics)


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